Can Smoking Help You Lose Weight?

Can Smoking Help You Lose Weight?

One of my good friends who is a smoker, recently came to me expressing a desire to quit smoking. This was a surprise as she has always told me in the past that she refused to stop smoking if it meant any weight gain.

Since I’ve always been the one to broach this subject with her, not the other way around, my curiosity was sparked. She had seen a commercial recently which had beautiful women wearing tight, provocative clothing but written on the clothing was a different smoking related disease – “Heart Disease,” for example.

My friend admitted that this was one of the first commercials she’d seen that truly spoke to her – she might be thin but smoking was still killing her. The conversation we both then had was enlightening to both of us. My friend admitted that she had tried to quit smoking a couple of years before but it was difficult, she gained weight and she started smoking again.

Quitting Smoking | A Healthy Decision

While my friend had a plan, she had no contingency if anything deviated from this plan. My friend also hadn’t realized just how much she smoking was tied into her daily activities and how it wasn’t just giving up nicotine. To help her in her second attempt to quit smoking, we decided to look at what was wrong with her first plan to stop smoking.

My friend first attempted to give up cigarettes completely. What she didn’t count on was that smoking was so much of a habit that she felt something was missing when she’d drive to work, take a coffee break, take a lunch break, etc.

Food Cravings When Quitting Smoking

FOOD! That was obviously an easy filler. Who doesn’t like food? Food doesn’t cause lung cancer! This plan actually worked for awhile since she wasn’t smoking. What was the result? Pretty much what you’d think – she gained weight. Of course, this didn’t fit well with her second goal of dieting to lose weight.

The diet she chose was a poor one, based on her likes and dislikes. While she stuck with the plan for awhile, the choices were limited.