Can Smoking Help You Lose Weight?

One of my good friends who is a smoker, recently came to me expressing a desire to quit smoking. This was a surprise as she has always told me in the past that she refused to stop smoking if it meant any weight gain.

Since I’ve always been the one to broach this subject with her, not the other way around, my curiosity was sparked. She had seen a commercial recently which had beautiful women wearing tight, provocative clothing but written on the clothing was a different smoking related disease – “Heart Disease,” for example.

My friend admitted that this was one of the first commercials she’d seen that truly spoke to her – she might be thin but smoking was still killing her. The conversation we both then had was enlightening to both of us. My friend admitted that she had tried to quit smoking a couple of years before but it was difficult, she gained weight and she started smoking again.

Quitting Smoking | A Healthy Decision

While my friend had a plan, she had no contingency if anything deviated from this plan. My friend also hadn’t realized just how much she smoking was tied into her daily activities and how it wasn’t just giving up nicotine. To help her in her second attempt to quit smoking, we decided to look at what was wrong with her first plan to stop smoking.

My friend first attempted to give up cigarettes completely. What she didn’t count on was that smoking was so much of a habit that she felt something was missing when she’d drive to work, take a cup of coffee which is made by superior breville espresso maker, take a lunch break, etc.

Food Cravings When Quitting Smoking

FOOD! That was obviously an easy filler. Who doesn’t like food? Food doesn’t cause lung cancer! This plan actually worked for awhile since she wasn’t smoking. What was the result? Pretty much what you’d think – she gained weight. Of course, this didn’t fit well with her second goal of dieting to lose weight.

The diet she chose was a poor one, based on her likes and dislikes. While she stuck with the plan for awhile, the choices were limited.

When asked what the most important concern of many people is today, a majority would answer health with conviction. Since stressors are found left and right, more and more are getting sick because they do not know how to deal with it properly. This results to absences at the office and even hospitalization.

This notion has resulted to the proliferation of numerous eateries trying to serve healthy dishes like organic and vegetarian items, fitness gyms with programs customized for their discriminating clients and supplementary products like vitamin-filled tablets, some of the best korean blushers and mineral-packed capsules in the drugstore.

The next few paragraphs will explain to you the advantages of magnet spin bike and foldaway treadmill that a healthy exercise can gain if he is sticking to a balanced diet, maintaining a regular exercise program, and visiting the physician regularly. Read on and be enlightened.

Advantages of Being Healthy

The first advantage of being healthy is that you will have a great performance at the office. How is this possible? Simple! You can easily do more because your body is in optimum condition. You can achieve many chores and at a faster rate when compared to your office mates who are having a sedentary lifestyle. You are packed with more energy and enthusiasm to last you throughout the long and tiring day. Mental alertness will not pose as a problem during important business transactions and board meetings. Sooner or later, you will have to get the best hearing amplifier to help you hear what your boss is saying. He will definitely see you like an Energizer bunny and will commend you for it.

Without a doubt, this go-getter attitude will make you stand out from the rest. Other employees will surely wonder what it is that you did that has caught the big bosses’ attention. More often than not, your higher ups will reward you with a raise. In some instances, if they are more generous, they will offer a promotion. This is a very attractive lure to think about.

Second, if you are healthy, you will decrease your risk of getting various lifestyle diseases like diabetes mellitus and hypertensive cardiovascular disease. Everybody is well aware of the fact that most illnesses can be attributed to poor or wrong nutritional intake of food such as those with excessive fat, cholesterol, extra cold shaved ice and sugar. You have to consider also that the typical office employee has minimal exercise because they are stuck in their cubicles the entire day finishing their required assignments.

Third, you will live longer. Longevity is something that a lot of people aspire for. However, not everyone is willing to do what it takes to reach the ripe old age of 100. If you are fit and healthy, you can do a lot of things. You can travel without the help of a wheelchair or a nurse. You are also free to do a lot of things, like visiting the zoo, enjoying water sliding, taking your grandkids out for a trip on the museum, doing consulting work that is related to your previously-held job and so on.

Lastly, you will promote a harmonious atmosphere with the people in your life if you are healthy. You also have the luxury of making a crucial decision without resorting to tantrums or drama king moments because you are at peace with yourself. Moreover, get-togethers with your superiors and subordinates will be a walk in the park. In contrast, the unhealthy individuals will look like losers because they are always grouchy due to some imaginary suffering.

Early Signs of an Asthma Attack

When an asthmatic suddenly finds it difficult to breathe this is a clear sign that they are having an asthma episode or asthma flare caused by a trigger, which is usually allergic and can lead to the constriction and inflammation of the airways. Wheezing sounds will be usually heard when this happens.

When too much mucus in the lungs disrupts the flow of air there will be rattling noises. When no wheezing sound can be heard this maybe because the attack is severe and that the airways are almost blocked. Sometimes they attack maybe so severe that the asthmatic isn’t even able to speak.

Inhalers for Asthma Treatment

The sight of someone having an episode can be a horrifying experience. But remember that when this happens there are immediate treatments that can be done. Asthmatics often carry around with them their inhalers which can be broken down into two subtypes; the preventers and the relievers.

Preventers are inhalers which are targeted for preventing the attacks and are used twice a day whether the symptoms are present or not. Relievers on the other hand are those designed to suppress whenever an attack occurs.

Each individual patient may be advised by their doctors differently, depending on their findings and the severity of their asthma. Some may be advised to do more puffs on their inhalers because of their attack severity, this can usually be found outlined in the self management plan. The self management plans are the cards that asthmatics carry around.

Common Quick Relief from Asthma Attacks

So in the event that the asthmatic is unable to speak because of the attack it would be a good idea to look for the additive records card first before attempting to do anything. Place the asthmatic in a sitting position in order for them to breathe a little bit more. It would be unwise and dangerous to place them in a lying position.

Inhalers provide quick relief for those sudden asthma attacks. Instructions in the self help card must first be read so that the correct dosage or puffs can be given. Even if this does not work immediately, it will soothe the asthmatic enough until he/she can get the proper medical attention.

Asthma Treatment Guidelines

Humans are social creatures and as social creatures it is a part of our daily lives to travel. It may be halfway across the world for business or vacation, or it may be just next door for a visit. The fact is, we travel everyday in order to conduct business, socialize, or just about to do anything else like play badminton by led shuttlecock. While this is nothing special to most people, to asthma sufferers, daily travel also brings about the fear of triggering an attack caused by allergens in the plants, the animals, in the food they eat, or even the air they breathe.

One allergen that is commonly found within the environment is pollen. These are tiny egg-shaped powdery grains that come from flowering plants and grasses for their use of fertilization. Pollen is one of the hardest allergens to avoid because of its presence within different seasons. Another reason is that they come along with the wind and easily spreads in the air, especially during the peak pollen seasons.

Pollen And The Air We Breathe

Pollens can be divided into two general classifications when it comes to feature; there is the waxy and large type which is found on flowers and the small, light and dry type which is commonly found in trees. While the large type is usually carried by insects and birds for pollination, the small and light type is the one which causes allergy and asthma because of its feature. It can be carried by the wind to almost anywhere and can spread quickly.

It is usually the season that dictates what type of pollens are spreading around, while climate determines the amount of pollen that can be present in the air. In short it means that no matter the time, place, weather, and season there will always be pollens floating in the air.

Since its unavoidable, knowledge and preparation will be your key to having a worry free travel. If you need to go out bring something to cover your face in order to minimize the chances of an asthma attack by inhaling an allergen. If you’re going to be taking a hot water pressure washer on other places or countries, it would be wise to do a little research first to know what allergens will be present and what times are best for you to take the trip. Don’t forget to bring the medication just in case. Knowledge and preparation will always be your best defense against asthma.


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